Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Life is worth the gamble! 

28-33! Those were my numbers in Jueteng! A popular gambling game in the Philippines, specifically, from the town where I grew up. Well, I am a remote town-girl! I came from Indang, Cavite - a very far off town of Cavite, almost 2-3 hours from Metro Manila depending on the traffic.

Anyhow, back to Jueteng and my subconscious.  28-33. I got these numbers subconsciously. I woke up one morning with this number combination in mind and decided to "gamble" on this, PhP5 twice everyday, morning and afternoon. EVERYDAY. Until the Jueteng was banned permanently (was it ever? - at least, that I know of.) Until I left Indang and headed to University,

PhP5 is a big bet then. If I had won, I would have won Php1000 for every 25cents. So for PhP5, I could have won PhP20,000! That amount for me then was incomprehensible! Way tooooo much! But, of course, I didn't win. I lost a lot of money. My subconscious was wrong. For Jueteng at least.

Looking back now, these numbers corresponds to something more meaningful in my life. My most important milestones in my life happened during the age of 28 and 33! My age when my daughters were born and more! And these were both unplanned.

When I was 28, I was living the peak of my life! Fun night outs, great friends, great circle. And then I got pregnant, gave birth to the most adorable baby girl I have ever seen, got a great job outside the country and met the most wonderful man in my life! I had different plans but my life turned out to be much better.

Now, that I am 33 (for the last hours!), again, I had different plans, but then another baby girl came into our lives and our plans had to wait. Instead, we made drastic changes in our way of living and fingers crossed, we are hoping for the best. And I am 100% sure that it would end up way better than I had planned. My subconscious said so.

I suppose what I am trying to convince myself when I have figured out these numbers is that there are magical connections in the universe and we are here to fulfill our destiny while we live life to the fullest. In the end, what will matter most is how much we have enjoyed life, not how much we possessions or experience we have gained.

I have enjoyed life. I have enjoyed living. I have enjoyed living with what God gave me. I have enjoyed living with the great blessings I have showered with. And I intend to do just like that until my numbers ran out. "Lucky", maybe. I see this as "mean to be."

I'll be turning 34 in the next couple of hours and now waiting for my subconscious again to tell my next lucky numbers. I'll be listening and since Jueteng is only until 37, rest assured that you will be seeing me playing Bingo in the near future. Who knows what information I could uncover.

Happy birthday to me, to my husband and to my little sister who are celebrating the same birthday! Let the weeklong celebration begin!

Keep exploring!

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