Saturday, August 11, 2012

Exploring Istanbul: Taksim Square

Taksim Square is a the heart of Istanbul, the perfect place to hang out when we got tired of viewing all museums. It is perfect to appreciate the Turkish culture! It is also plays an important hub for all public transportation in Istanbul. It will not be easy to get lost in Taksim Square as you will see a lot of public transportation in the area. 

There are also lot of things to do in Taksim Square. Tourists can shop, eat traditional Turkish food, drink Turkish coffee and tea, walk and appreciate the diversity of crowd, enjoy free museum, check out the Church. 

Since the half part of the family is Christian, the Turks make it a point to emphasize where the churches are located in Istanbul like we went there solely to visit churches. And to think that I myself, don't even go to church as frequently as any priests would like. I wonder whether will be doing the same to them when they reach Manila... "and here is where the mosque is located..." not that I know any mosques in Manila. 

Anyway, here are the photos of my sister and sister-in-law strolling along Taksim Square: 

posing by the Monument of the Republic (1928) 

look a tram!

Taksim Square by the background

50% Sale for kids clothes! Tita Ayish to the shopping spree!
One of the infamous Turkish stree food: Mussel with Pilav! Awesome!

I think she loved it!
ahhh kokorej!
fried mussels in garlic sauce!

loving the crowd at Taksim Square

posing by the church at Taksim Square

La Santa Messa

inside the church - hope she made a wish! 

posing by the museum - apparently, they feature different artist every week

Galata Tower - at the far end of Taksim Square!
Go ahead and enjoy Taksim Square at Istanbul, Turkey. You will love it for sure! :)

Keep exploring!

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