Thursday, September 6, 2012

Qatar Cinema: Bourne Legacy

Bourne Legacy was partly taken in the Philippines. PARTLY. Not all scenes were taken in the Philippines. We thought, all the while, with so much hype and publicity about the movie taken in the Philippines that it's all throughout showing the touristic spots. But we were mistaken, the movie was too long and too boring; Matt Damon made the right call not to make another Bourne movie.

As for the Philippine setting, showing the Philippine traffic in a Hollywood movie is really something. Gotta love the motorcycle chase, bumping into jeepneys here and there!  We felt homesick but not too sentimental because the movie is really boring. Too boring that we noticed lots of movie goers left in the middle of the movie.

Big shame but of course, if there will be part two for this movie, we are ready to watch for another Philippine scene.

Keep exploring!

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