Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Turkish Wedding

We attended a very lovely Turkish wedding in Istanbul three days ago. It's no ordinary wedding since it's the wedding of my sister-in-law. I have mentioned this before in our summer 2011 plans.

Well, it went so well and quick for us. The visit that is. Five day-visit is like a torture for our family getting back to Doha. Oh well, later part of this year again.

Turkish wedding is almost like  a version of a Catholic wedding, minus the church and its ritual. After the wedding, there's giving of gift - specifically gold and money to be pinned on the bride gown and groom's suit. I know Pinoys have the same tradition like this as well in some parts of the country - to get the new married couple started with their new life together. This is the usual practice in Turkish wedding.

After receiving golds from family, relatives, friends and guests in the wedding, of course, food! Food served varies from cocktail to dinner to dinner with alcohol. It is a tough decision from the couple to what extent would the celebration would be. As couples getting married are becoming smart and practical, a cocktail is often the choice. And I completely agree with this. Although,  I always have this found memory of our wedding with dinner and dancing. Ooohh - I love the dancing part. It was, uuh-uhmm, something new for a Pinay like me.

Like all weddings, the most important part - is the bride and of course, the gown! Every woman's "dream dress."  My sister-in-law, Betul, is simply spectacular in her wedding gown. A very beautiful bride indeed.

the bride and groom with Kylie and Ilker
Kylie and Ilker

And the good thing is, in Turkish wedding, a little girl also wear the same gown as the bride. Same like a flower girl in a Christian church wedding. Of course, Kylie had to do her part and be a princess during this day. She's a complete charm. And of course, Kerim charmed everyone too.

Turknoys in black and white

Kerim in his black and white suit plus train toy - harhar 

This wedding will definitely be fondly remember for our family.

our family photo for the event

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