Friday, April 15, 2011

Born for Each Other!

This would more of a wife-moment than a mommy moment! I have been raving about my husband's perfection the couple of weeks so allow me to wallow in that for a bit. He's been extremely great with the kids, the chores, his work and even supporting me with my work as well. We have adapted ourselves from the beginning with the the different stages of our lives but the previous days  proved that we can handle everything, well, almost at least.

 Just imagine, we are managing with two kids, two hectic jobs and almost 100% hands on parents! Talk about multi-tasking. We are indeed building our home together and we are loving every moments of it.

And I know it is so cheesy to say, but we are really born for each other. Yeah, literally. We are born both on the same beautiful day - so we get to celebrate this awesome day every year.

both drunk from love.. first birthday together - officially became a couple - yeah our anniversary as well! ;)
second birthday  - painting our room, pink! haha
3rd birthday at Bodrum, Turkey
another birthday - one Turknoy + one on the way!
2010 celebration at Chillis with family! ;)
It fits so perfectly and we both knew it, brains and heart! ;)

Now for my mommy moments - we celebrated the birthdays of the kids last year but our plan this year is NOT to make a big deal of birthdays. Saving some money and teaching them the value of simplicity.

Kerim's 1st birthday - Asian food  + Disney Cars Theme

Kylie Princess birthday celebration at Chilli's
We will definitely miss wearing matching shirts this year - but hey, we can always do that any day. ;)

Live to the fullest!

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