Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Fly a Kite

How to Fly a Kite? Turknoys attempted to illustrate.  Photos were taken yesterday during the International Kite Family Day at Katara Village.

Flying a kite can be a very fun activity for the family (or can be very frustrating if there's no wind at all!) It is also a very good way to get the kids out and not watching TV or playing a computer. In this time of the year, although it is quite hot already, afternoons in Doha are perfect for flying a kite.

Flying a kite can be very challenging. It requires some techniques and team work!

Get a pair of kids. Well, luckily, there are two Turknoys. Ideally, one will hold the ball of string while the other is holding the kite. Unwind the string. Signal to the partner to let go of the kite. Pull the string to launch the kite into the air. Pay attention to the wind direction.

One important point: Always fly a kite in an open field, away from lots of people. We came across lots of accidents yesterday.  Oh oh. Reason is too obvious from the photos.

Have a great time flying kites!

Keep exploring!

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