Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moving On and Moving Forward

The beauty of being an expat is we get to meet a lot of people of different background. The challenging part of being an expat is we get to see a lot of people move on and move forward and we get to check our current status and question ourselves whether we are being left behind.

End of June will mark our 5th year in Doha. Me and Cihangir arrived almost the same time in Doha for the 15th Doha Asian Games known to be "The Games of our Lives. " While we celebrate our half decade residence in Doha, leaving the country seems to be the norm with some of our friends and colleagues. Sometime ago, my brother Raymond left Doha for good to Philippines. It was a bittersweet farewell as we saw him off. But things just don't work out for him here and hence, the decision to leave for good.

A few of my friends are planning an immigration to Canada, others are just so lucky to get a fabulous job offers back to their own homes. Whatever reasons, people are moving on and exploring options a lot better than to be in a country where spring season could get as high as 50-deg-C.

So the big question is what makes the Turknoys stay in Doha? Well, the answer is straightforward really. We are still moving on and moving forward as a family . We get to improve ourselves as a individuals as well as improve our careers while putting our family first above all the workloads. We feel so blessed to be in this country.

At the end of each stressful workdays, we get to go home to our smiling Turknoys and get to spend lots of family time indoors with recycled air conditioning air.

Life in Doha is simply awesome! 

Well, more awesome now that our head of the family is recognized for his hard and honest work.
Congratulations to the Turk! Hope you loved the cake. ;)


Live. Love. Celebrate!

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