Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Turknoy: The Top Ten Magical Differences in the Turknoy Family

I've been dying to join this for quite some time but our domestic family life has been crazy busy the past few weeks. No maid, two working parents full time, 1 toddler in nursery and 1 almost-year-1 in big school plus lots of family bonding time by the pool  means crazy busy in an awesome way - hey no complaining here.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Well, I made it a point that you know that the mum and dad of Turknoys are born for each other. It's not because we are exactly alike - come to think of it - the only similarities we have are our birthdays. Oh yeah! Not everyday in our lives is boring since we are exploring, tolerating and more importantly growing from - our differences.

1. Nationality  - Turknoy came from the word - Turkish (that's the husband!) and Pinoy which is a slang term for a Filipino, a native of Philippines (hey, that's me!) Differences in nationality means differences in culture which is oh-so exciting to explore everyday.

that woman's weird, that man's serious!

2. Religion - He's Islam and believes in Prophet Muhammad, the Last Prophet. I am Catholic and believes in Jesus Christ the only Son of God. It is never an issue, bottom line is we have faith in God and believes that whatever we do here on Earth will be the reflection of our afterlife.

3. Financial Footprint. In the book, The Undercover Economist , it was elaborated how couple's "financial footprint" could be the cause of how an individual spends money. His financial footprint is based on relaxed earning, saving and not spending; mine is based on earning from hard work  and then spending it all.

4. Attitude towards Problem. The Turk could be the most relaxed person you will ever met in the midst of calamity. I tend to make a big deal of all things and exaggerated small problems into calamity.

5. Food - He eats bread, I eat rice - lots of it! He eats meat once a week, I do not think a meal is complete without meat.

6. Meal time - He likes home cooked meal, I do not cook. I like to eat out.

7. Sleep Habits - He looks so tired when he wakes up so early in the morning. I hate people who wake up late. I can't stay awake beyond 11PM, he LOVES to stay awake all night.

8. Attitude towards People - I tend to blame people for their shortcomings; he always give explanation for people's attitude (he says .."he may have problem at home", I say... "he really is an inconsiderate jack ass!"

9. Driving. He is an aggressive driver! I am a very very defensive driver.

10. XXX - He likes a nice behind; my asset are not hot bums!I could go on some more for number 10 but rather not! ;)

We make things work while we are so happily married. Wait until you see the kids' attitude towards life!

the Turknoy family!

Keep exploring!

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