Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer 2011

Pheeww, it was a very blessed, interesting and challenging week for me. I am so glad that it's Mommy Moments, which also means it's weekend this part of the world. And, OMG, it's April already! What happened to March days?

Okay, summer plans this week. Uhh mmm, I got lost with .. plans.. ;) Not really our thing to plan and much more stick to it! Also, summer this side of the world is not something we actually look forward to.. Desert temperature could reach until 50deg C and that is HOT! But that would be in the coming two months or so.

For now, the weather is just perfect for a daily swim at Intercontinental Hotel, Doha. And with these two kids making our lives so colorful everyday, it would be fun exploration days.

at Intercon, all set to play!

And, hoops, we are set (almost!) to go attend a wedding in Turkey end of April. Cihangir's sister is getting married and off the family to Istanbul again to explore, this time, in a not so cold weather!

to her wedding day we go!
our beloved Aunt Betul

Keep exploring!

mommy moments

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