Friday, May 6, 2011

Exploring Doha: Katara International Kite Family Day

Well, we are back "exploring Doha!" Hooray for International Kite Family Day!

We went today to be part of the first time ever in Doha, International Kite Family Day. The event is advertised as a cross-cultural experience, where the public will enjoy the art of traditional and modern kites.

It is indeed a cross cultural experience like any other Doha events. It is a bit unorganized, though. We arrived at 4PM and there were NO MORE kites available. I overhead a staff being so worried that there will be no enough kits even for tomorrow (event runs for two days, 6-7 May 2011.) - Oh- oh!

We were fortunate however to hang out with one kite flyer from Holland. He allowed Kylie to fly kite with him and then give kids reserved kites.

Supposedly, there are activities for kids all throughout the advertised timing, 3PM- 10PM but since most of the Qatar residents are hoarding the free kites (shame!), it gave me the impression that it's not properly organized.  Well, one hour after the event kicked off, and no more kites?

Oh well!

The International Kite Family Day is two days of non-stop wind-driven flying kites, art and culture, in the air and on the ground. During the night lanterns will be lit creating a sublime effect like candle in the sky. We hope to catch this tomorrow if kids will allow us late at night.

For those interested to be part of the event tomorrow, here are more details:

Katara International Kite Family Day - [6-7 May 2011]
• Over 100 different designs of kites, including sport, traditional, and LED night kites
• A unique chance to watch and learn from kite flyers from Japan, Korea, USA, China, India, Singapore, & Holland as they put on a
magnificent display of over 100 sport, traditional, & LED night kites
• Kite-building, design, and flying workshops by kite teams,artists, and partner NGOs: «Algannas Society», «Childhood Cultural Center»,
«Qatar Fine Arts Center», «Qatar Photographic Society», «Qatar Society of Engineers» & «Visual Art Center»
• Spectacular lantern shows that will light up the evening sky
• Giveaway kites
All ages are welcome to join!
Open to public
Activities will run at Katara -- Cultural Village from 3PM - 10PM
Fly your kites in a multi-cultural environment!

Keep exploring!

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