Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mommy Me Time!

WOW - love this one: Mommy Me Time! I think I forgot the feeling of being alone- alone. I am so grateful for my work as they remind me of my name. At home, it's always, "MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! ;) It is not a complain at all, I love the fact that their world revolve around Mommy! But it's good to be reminded that we need a quality time alone with to get in touch with ourselves.

I am lucky that my husband gives me lots of time to watch TV shows I love - CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Dexter (next season coming up September! - can't wait!) I make sure that I watch one of these shows for my sanity, I usually watch these shows after work when the kids are sleeping or playing beside me.

Our typical work day includes waking up early to prepare the day's lunch boxes, dropping the kids to school and nursery, eight-hour work or more, picking up the kids and the some playtime at home or some exploring time outside home., dinner and then my TV time. God, I missed those carefree days when my mom was with me!

Due to the extreme hot weather the past few days, kids got cold and it was difficult for us to go to Intercon Hotel for pool fun. Just moments ago, me and Cihangir agreed that we will alternate to go to gym at the hotel.

I find it difficult to leave the kids after office hours or probably because I am dead tired by afternoon already. But seeing me just looking so haggard all the time, and so fat (oh yeah!), means that I have to burn some energy and spend some quality time at the gym. Let's see next week if this will happen. Wish me luck.

Keep smiling!

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