Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doha Easter Sunday- Color it Rainbow!

Rainbow Colors! Easter Sunday - Colorful Life - Never ending Hope! Has it been a year ago since the last Easter?!

We haven't planned anything special for this coming Easter (24th April). Taking this opportunity to rewind what we did last year.

It was momentous period for us - we gained lots of new friends and strengthened bonds with colleagues-turned friends. Of course, our Mama was with us here in Doha. How much she is being missed at all times. Sighs. Hope she's having the time of her life back home in the Philippines.

Kylie and her Easter eggs for her friends!
Kerim's 1st Easter!

Kylie posing by the marina at the Ritz with hew Easter eggs she hand painted
more Easter egg craft

Turknoys with the weirdest Easter bunny ever
More eggs!
Mama posing with the huge colorful gigantic Easter egg display at the Sharq Hotel

Life is colorful and Easter is a reminder for all of the Christian (that's half of the Turknoy family!) that  our lives are God's gift we should treasure.

The family believe in Jesus. We all believe in God's love. We all believe in miracles of God. Happy Easter everyone!

Live. Love. Believe in miracles.

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