Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Review: Little Einsteins - Music of the Meadows

Have you met the Little Einsteins?

These four adorable preschoolers always manages to amuse and entertains the Turknoys.

Disney's Little Einsteins takes preschoolers on exciting and interactive adventures in the real world. Children join Leo, June, Quincy, Annie and Rocket on important missions packed with exciting new learning discoveries. With each new exploration, children will meet new friends and dive into great works of art and music while learning more about the world around them.
Leo is six years old and loves to conduct. He uses his magical baton to lead the Little Einsteins and Rocket, the incredible transforming ship, on their exciting missions.

June, the elegant six-year-old ballerina, loves to dance and lead the team on physical challenges. She is organized, loves to make plans, and enjoys teaching her friends new vocabulary words.

Annie is Leo's four-year-old sister. Although she is the youngest on the team, she's the most adventurous. Annie loves animals and learning about nature, but singing is her very favorite thing to do.

Quincy is five years old, and he's  a talented musician who can play almost any instrument, although the trumpet is her favorite. He's brave, always on the go and loves to make his friends laugh. 
Disney's Little Einsteins: Music of the Meadow
This book, Music of the Meadow, explores the music which can be heard in the meadow. At the same time, it explores  the flowers, trees, birds and butterflies.

 The meadow seems like a very quiet and calm place. But did you know that the meadow is filled with music?

Some of the important lessons we learned from the book:
  • Honeybees do a special dance. That is how they tell the other bees where the yummy nectar is. 
  • Rain and sunshine help tiny little seeds to grow into beautiful flowers. 
  • Frogs start out as tiny tadpoles swimming in the water. 
  • Chipmunks got their name because they make a loud "chipping" sound. 
  • Butterfly has its own little built-in straw.
  • Grasshoppers make their chirping sound by rubbing a leg over one of their wings. 
  • Sounds of meadow do not stop. May parts of meadow are sleeping. But others are awake. And cycle goes on. 
BUZZ. SPLASH. CHIP. SLURP. TAP. CHIRP. WHOOO. Some of the sounds of meadow. Music to our ears!

It usually takes us more than thirty minutes of read this book because there are lots of prompt for interaction while reading which is really good. The meadow is an interesting to explore, and this book will help a lot in gaining interest of preschools especially when they are already inclined to music, and in our Princess Turknoy case, in singing and dancing!

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Other Little Einsteins books we would want to read soon:
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