Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kids Birthday Party in Doha: Burger King

YAY - Another kids birthday party in Doha. And there's more kids as the last kids birthday party in Doha we attended in Chowking. And this time, there we were with Kayra, our youngest. Although, she cried a lot - being the first birthday she attended - well, to be exact, the first event she ever attended outside the house. At six months - yes, we were pretty conservative for her this time around.

All in all the party is really great with kids, love the cake especially.

blowing the cake! - pink!

an attempt for a family photo! 

another one!

picture with the birthday celebrant on the table - beautiful birthday girl too busy looking somewhere else!

something about this birthday party - the Turk looked really happy! haha

another shot at our family

another attempt again to take picture with the birthday girl. Our bubble blower Kayra is crying while Mom laughs 

Hope the adorable 1-year old had a blast with her birthday party!

Keep exploring!

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  1. Sound like a wonderful kid birthday party.I think you enjoyed every moment of this birthday party.Great party.


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