Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Chili's

Yes - we are dining out again! Some times, not as often as before. When there's no choice and we are definitely starving, we head out to Chili's. This particular dining out is particularly monumental as this is the first time we eat out as family of five, including our super adorable six-month old, Kayra!

She didn't eat at all - but we are glad we can adjust to the situation of handling three kids when dining out. And it is quite a feat yet we are loving every minute of it.

when kids are grumpy right after school - it's okay to give in to dining out once in a while... 

our family of five in Chili's! 

Well, when it comes to eating in Chili's, we are always satisfied. And we did notice the change in their menu - we tried some of the new menu and it was okay. Not really superb but okay! But hey, it's Chili's so we have no bad review here. We are very fond of the he place and Chili's has been nice to us every time we visit.

Here's to less dining out in Doha, we hope! We are saving for more adventures outside Doha that's why!

Keep exploring!

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