Monday, October 29, 2012

Exploring Jakarta: Kidzania

So what do you want to be when you grow up? In Kidzania, they can do these things NOW. There's no need to wait for the time the kids grow up. The time is now - in the kids world.

Kidzania Jakarta is the very first one in Southeast Asia. (The Philippines will have Kidzania soon and we are all so excited about this too.)

There are over 70 professions for kids to try out in Kidzania- Jakarta. All these professions can't be experienced for one session. There's usually two sessions during the day, morning and afternoon session - need to be really early to maximize the time.

As for us, we did enjoy what we had experienced. Well, at least the kids did for sure. They earn money, they spend money to earn money -exactly like the real life! Valuable lessons there for sure.

Our three-year old Kerim just felt a little out of place sometimes because most of the professions are for 5 years old and up. No wonder kids his age pay half the entrance fee. But still, it is worth the experience. He did get to experience some professions as well anyways.

Kids were so dead tired by the time Kidzania closed for the morning session. Dead tired and more knowledgeable about the real life and their "future."

Kylie the Window Washer   - not in Qatar please! 

Kerim the Window Washer - oh boy!

Electronics - someone made TV!  
Our little Tinker Belle gets digital!  
so true  -watching TV is sooo yesterday! 

look who wanted to join Kylie!  
Really someone wants to be a dentist?

and here she goes - checking out some mannequin's teeth! 


someone wants to be a painter! And he met a friend! 
reviewing his colors before going to work! 

at the same time, someone is ready to make pastries 

all set to bake!

while the other one paints! 

now ready to race!

all gear up!

And the winner is... Kerim! 
Now as a tea boy - hahaha!

while someone is leveling up her skills! 

 There are lots of professions we would still want to explore but we ran out of time. Maybe next time. Or maybe we could head out to Kidzania - Dubai.  Well, one of these days.

How fun it is to be a kid - everything is within reach of their imagination! And with places lie Kidzania,  little minds can further be stimulated. It's really awesome when you think about it.

Keep exploring!

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