Sunday, October 28, 2012

Doha Breakfast: Johnny Rockets!

Breakfast time in Doha with family is always fun - especially if we didn't have to clean out the kids mess - and boy, they do make A LOT of mess during breakfast! Such energy, such imagination, such fun!

So, there's this signage in the restaurant back home in the Philippines which made me so irritated.. it goes something like:

"Your love for your kids reflect on their table manners."

Well, a little defensive here, but we sure do love our kids. Our kids are nice (most of the times!), they show respect to elder people, they are strong-willed and so adorably cute that sometimes they forget what they should or should not do in the dining table. It's no big deal for us, the parents, so why should it bother other people?

Although, I must admit, that if these were not our kids and we are the ones seated beside their table, we would definitely comment on how we hated kids in the first place and that customers with kids should pay double the price as they disturb the peace! HAHA! Yes - supposed the sign has a point. Well, Johnny Rockets happily accepted our kids and we did apologize for the mess.

We did enjoy the breakfast immensely. We love the food - eggs, pancakes, french toasts, the works -  and really love -- love the refillable brewed American coffee - the coffee alone have made it all worth it for us.

We had lots of chat over breakfast and everybody was delighted except probably the one who cleaned our table.

family photo first - the kids even had these Johnny Rockets caps

kids activities and menu - kept them busy for a minute or so!

the menu - reasonable prices! 

someone wants to experience snow! even before the food arrived  our table is already "snowy"

pancake - HUGE! As Kylie would describe this - Huge, gigantic, enormous, colossal pancakes!

the works - the hubs commented that this would be good with rice - haha, someone is a changed man! 

bottomless brewed coffee is bliss!

French toast - way better than the huge pancakes!

kids dish - arrggg!

well, he was behaved most of the time - most of the time... 
Nothing beats waking up early for some calorie overload and chatting with kids and hubs! Life is great!  Now, if only we practice our table manners more often. Hhhhmm...

Keep exploring!

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