Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Celebration in Doha

Halloween has come and gone and here's how we celebrated the event. We cleaned out our closet and found some old costumes - chose some and wore it and went to The Ritz Carlton for a Halloween Celebration. We have enjoyed the Halloween buffet so much especially the kids area - it has lots of Halloween activities for kids including face painting and balloon blowing! It was kind of adult Halloween party with kids. The kids enjoyed scary face painting and it was real spooky!

Right after the dinner, we went home too tired but still managed to watch some scary movie, The Others, while nestled in bed together. It was such a memorable night for the family we decided to make this a family tradition.

Some of our favorite photos, of course:

gone are the princess days! My very clever six year old chose a "bad" policeman costume!

and our super baby Kayra!

Our cute doctor Kerim!

Look what happened to the policewoman zombie!

as long as he has food - he's happy hahaha

BOO! Happy Halloween!
thirsty for blood juice!

walk like a zombie!


resting for ice cream!

this zombie astronaut scared the hell out of Kerim

Until next Halloween. It might not (or might be) in Doha but we will make sure to nestle in bed and scare each other off. Making beautiful memories with family members is real bliss. 

Keep exploring!

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