Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween in Doha 2012!

We are getting ready for Halloween in Doha! This may be the first time we are attempting to celebrate this infamous holiday but since we are the Turknoys, we are going to modify the way we'll celebrate this day. We must admit, we don't know just how yet. We'll pull it off our way. Ha!

Anyway, as a preparation, we carved a pumpkin! It's a start and we're off to celebrate Halloween in Doha!

Our youngest with Pumpkin Casper the Friendly Ghost Face! She doesn't look amused though.
Our eldest very first pumpkin carving event - she loved it despite the "hard work" involved! 

And our little boy proud of his Ate's work - he gave lots of moral support on this one! 

And ta-da! We are off to celebrate the Halloween in Doha!  


Keep exploring!

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