Monday, October 29, 2012

Doha Breakfast: The Mango Tree

The Mango Tree is just beside Carluccio's in The Pearl and eversince we had breakfast in Carluccio's we have been curious about The Mango Tree. And we went in  such a perfect timing - they were offering Buy 1, Get 1 Breakfast Free during the Eid holidays. 

It was such a refreshing feeling to have Asian fancy breakfast at a big discount! Score! Although we find the prices a tad expensive (without the promotion), the customer service is really superb and notable. The food tastes so delectably Asian - of course, we love it so much! 

The ambiance is great, we had the option to dine alfresco but since the weather is still humid, we preferred to be seated inside where the setting is for real fancy dining. Not just Asian - fancy Asian. 

We were given sample drinks - which we love and there's a free appetizer which the kids devoured in seconds. We just love  free stuff! 

The breakfast is a combination of Western and Asian - like enjoying two worlds in one place - it's very rare we enjoyed this breakfast in Doha. Maybe another big factor is that the kids were entertained by the bar tender! It was peace and quiet breakfast. 

Now wondering if they still offer the buy 1, get  1 breakfast. 

Until then, here goes our photo blog: 

free appetizer -  the Turk loved this as they have the same dish back home!

Thai fried bread

Our sample of Thai Coffee - really good coffee!

Just too much condensed milk - was too sweet for our taste but otherwise - it was really good!

our free sample of smoothies!

kids love the sample but we didn't order any hahaha!

our family shot at The Mango Tree breakfast! 

Egg and Steak breakfast for the kids! 

Thai breakfast for Mommy!
Thai Breakfast for Daddy!

French Toast with filling is really sinfully good - burp!

Breakfast is indeed the most important part of the day - especially if it's Asian! Hahaha

Keep exploring!

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