Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: First Ten Books We Read for 2012!

Joining Top Ten Tuesday again! YAY! And just like that we are back blogging! And proudly announcing the First Ten Books We Read for the Year 2012! Happy New Year! (a little late, but, hey, it is still new year!)

What a great way to start the year but to haunt for books at the library. Okay, a little bit late but we were so inspired reading and reading at the start of the year. Thought we shared with all the first ten books we read for the first few days of January!

1. The Deluxe Potty Book and DVD Package for Boys: Henry Edition : We tried to potty train our little boy with this book but the parents lack follow through. We are still afraid of the mess and what a mess it was during the first day. I suppose the story is a little dull for our tot Kerim. The song is not as catchy as Barney or Disney songs. But just the same, it was well read book for December and January. And maybe we'll try again in a few weeks or so - depending on our cleaning mood.

2.Woodcutter (Tales of Arabia) : Since we are in the Middle East, it is just fitting to read books about Tales of Arabia and this book is a good start to expose the kids on the stories of Arab values. Classic story of hard working man who found an easy fortune, the story detailed the extent of things the man would do to keep his easy earned fortune.

3. My First Christmas Board Book (My 1st Board Books) : Celebrating Christmas far away home, where there's not much festivities, this book is perfect for introducing to our toddler the Christmas traditions. Made the kids so eager to celebrate the next Christmas back home in the Philippines. Next year, we hope!

4.Disney Storybook Collection (Disney Storybook Collections): Our little one read this every day enjoying all the stories, as if the Disney movies are not enough. Well, we have drastically reduced the movie and TV time at home and apparently, no TV, makes them crave for the Disney character that it made them want to read everyday. Look how that turned out!

5.Usborne Sparkly Touchy-feely Mermaids: Our Kylie girl wants to become a mermaid when she grows up, hence this mermaid stories are just perfect. We enjoyed each story and relating how our girl would react if she's already a mermaid and faced with the same situation as each of every story. Fun bed time stories.

6.Illustrated Stories for Girls: Love the girly stories based on the original stories. Kylie was able to read by herself most of the stories and answer most of the questions we have asked her for our bedtime story discussion.

7.The Berenstain Bears: All Aboard! (I Can Read Book 1): This I Can Read book series turned out to be for our 2- year-old. He loves the story of how the train works and definitely enjoy how his big sister read to her. CHOO CHOO!

8 - 10.Horrid Henry's Birthday Party (Book & CD)Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick (Book & CD), .Horrid Henry's Revenge

We will definitely borrow these books again from the library. I adore this little bad boy and his horrid experience. A perfect way to teach the kids NOT to do things. The kids were disgusted and annoyed with Henry's horridness and it reminds them not to act like him. The  books are for seven years old up but our five year old reader was definitely able to capture the content and read it by herself.

It did kick off our reading objective for the year. We aim to read more and more books for the kids. We can't underestimate the value of reading and reading to kids.

If you are in Doha and want to know more about these books, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are anywhere else in the world and want to get copies of these fabulous book, we have linked up with Amazon already. These books are just a click away to your online shopping convenience. Shop away!

 Keep reading!

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