Saturday, January 14, 2012

Doha Event: Al Khor Fly-In 2012

It's another must-see annual Doha event! The Al Khor Fly-In Open Field 2012!

It's in the news:

This year, the event has been completely reshaped to become an annual attraction, where aircraft and aircraft enthusiasts from all over the region pull in the crowds in an exciting and educational family-oriented day out.

Organised jointly by QCAA, Qatar Aeronautical College (QAC), light aircraft owners from Qatar and the region (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE), the remote flying section at the Science Club, Al-Khor Airport, the ultra-light amateurs, and regional flight clubs, the Fly-in will see a diverse range of light aircraft from Qatar and the Gulf region at Al-Khor Airport, a 30-minute drive north of Doha.
The objective of the Fly-in lies completely in educating Qatari youth about the concepts and practicalities of aviation, offering them the opportunity to plan their future and choose the adequate specialisation to make a career in the discipline, should they feel the urge to ‘reach for the sky’.

It’s a great opportunity as well for those with a passion for aviation to immerse themselves in a fantastic and original experience by taking a closer look at a diverse range of aircraft - from jets, to propeller aircraft, to micro-copters and many others.
QAC will be represented at the event for those willing to learn more about scholarships and a potential career in aviation.

The main day, Friday, starts at 8am with a general inspection by the organising committee who will declare the readiness of the site. The official opening of the Fly-in will be at 9am, with tours for visitors and a display of remote-controlled aircraft, set to traditional, local music.
At 1.30pm, a police squadron will provide an air show accompanied by a ‘search and rescue’ scenario. This will be followed by a flying show at 2.15pm. At 4pm, a remote-control display will take place, accompanied by a commentary.

The Fly-in concludes for the day, but on Saturday, there is more octane-fuelled excitement just after midday with another air show in memory of the deceased Captain Ali Hadi and friend al-Noaimi followed by interactive activities before the event winds up at 4.30pm.
“I am really looking forward to the Fly-in. It’s going to be a very attractive event, a real crowd-puller. Thanks go out to the Organising Committee of the Fly-in open day for their endeavours in making such an event possible. What we seek to do is entertain, but also something more important than that: we need to demonstrate to Qatari youth the excitement, glamour and purpose of the aviation industry. It’s an exciting place to be, and the Fly-in will undoubtedly be as exciting and informative,” said al-Nuaimi.

“Raising awareness of aviation is the ultimate goal, and I am confident that that will be achieved over the course of the weekend, especially on Friday, when the main events take place,” said Sheikh Ahmed al-Thani.

“The potential of the Fly-in is evident by the number and stature of Qatari companies that have rushed to sponsor the event. ‘Blue-chip’ private and government companies like Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Steel, Qafco, Ras Gas, Al-Khor Space City, Barwa Real Estate, Qatar Foundation and its partner the US Museum of Flights, and HBK Holding have recognised how important the Fly-in is to Qatar’s development,” he added.

There's still time to visit Al Khor today. Hurry and head to the Open Field and observe lots of amazing aircrafts. There are also crafts for kids of all ages. The Turknoys definitely enjoyed the day out yesterday.

someday, we're buying a private plane like this - nah! 

to add to bucket list - to try aviation sport! 

Kerim loved it!


Keep Exploring!

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