Monday, January 9, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines!

It's More Fun in the Philippines!  - our first blog entry for the year 2012. Happy New Year! Happy New Strategy to drive tourism to our beloved home, Philippines!

Oh how proud we are that we are Filipinos! How we miss the Philippines every time we are having those expat family moments. Sometimes, we just want to leave everything behind and run back home, where it's more FUN!

Here are some of the photos - here's hoping that this campaign, amidst controversies, will succeed in its goal. Mabuhay Pilipinas!

this is a personal favorite - we can so relate!  
breathtaking  view, right?

this is definitely not an exaggeration - heavenly scene, right?

imagine all homes designed in fruits and vegetable - a must see!

we were once lost in this view - shame we got found! 

climbing can never be more fun this way!

splash away!

surf paradise 

 a sweet little tweet from home

now that's a fun hidden agenda!

spectacular scene!

dying to ride those mga kalesa again 

tiny drops from heaven!

now this is really only in the Philippines!


the perfect cone volcano! 

stairways to heaven!

Let's all go visit the Philippines! Book Now, mga Kabayans and try to bring tourists every year home. It's great for our economy. Help the country while we enjoy heavenly pleasures!


Keep exploring the Philippines!

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