Friday, January 20, 2012

Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day - Our blog can't catch up with our almost-rollercoaster-ride life and decisions. Let's just keep the blog up-to-date with some thoughts and quotes we get from people around us.

When you are in the same country, same company, same people for almost five years, your thoughts get so much focused on the negatives so let's get the positive vibes going with this...

"I know that sometimes you become absorbed in seeing the mistakes of those around you.
It is a weakness to look at anyone else’s weakness.Sometimes people keep a whole shop in their minds of other people’s weaknesses,which they then distribute everywhere.The transformation of not seeing anyone’s weakness is NOW very essential.At this time, we must make the effort to become those with the highest quality of character.Someone who has a middle level of quality will see both weakness and strength.One who has the lowest level of qualitywill see that which is wrong as good and will not even be able to see that which is good.At this time, make the effort to make your character extremely highand you will only see the goodness and potential of all of those around you." ~ Dadi Janki

There you go - focus on the good, focus on things controllable by YOU! 

Keep exploring!

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