Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy and Settled...And Then What?

Happy and Settled, And Then What is Next?

Life is so good GREAT that it is not made to be like a fairy tale. Happy ever after stories are so understated. The best is always yet to come!

I have been raving since we started our Turnoy family and there are reasons for it. Okay, I sometimes rant about our life but not in a nagging fashion. I really love my husband and kids. I love how my extended family members have played an important role in our expat family life. And I especially love the diversity of our experiences so far and, unique places we've been to and the awesome people we've met.

The walking pieces of my heart and the main characters in my happy ever story! 
Life's turn of events is always a wonderful opportunity tp love one another more and more each day. 

Life is Doha is great. What happens next after the raving and occasional ranting is so boring, though. It is the expat bubble, the comfort zone, the mediocre expat life of finding interesting to do while waiting for the pay cheque so we can find new activities to do, new stuff to buy (which after buying it which after a long run, we realized we don't really need).

So when new challenges come our way, albeit so scary at first, is so welcoming. It offers loads of opportunities we didn't even realize existed for us. It made us look at things at a very different perspective, it is so refreshing that our story is starting again... Once Upon A Time, there's the Turknoy family.

And we'll be writing a completely new story. And since it's a new story, we can write whatever we want, wherever we want, in gazillion googol ways we would want to write it.

Our expat family story in Doha is coming to a close and a new one will be coming up soon.

We live happily ever after. Happy and Settled... And Then What?

Once Upon a Time, there's the Turknoy family.... 

Keep exploring life's options!

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