Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kids Books in Doha: Winnie's Midnight Dragon

Is it obvious that we are obsessed with books. We started with our first ten books for the year. And for the month of January, we managed to read more than ten books for each week. Our family bonding is not complete without these lovely books we discover in different libraries in Doha!

Winnie's Midnight Dragon is borrowed from school library.

Kylie gets to borrow one book per week in their library and I am always amaze at her choice of books! She can read and appreciates stories for Year 3-4. It's just awesome.

As for the book,  Winnie's s Midnight Dragon, it is indeed interesting and  welcome change from all the princesses stories. Sometimes, witches can be star in the story way better than princesses. The primary character, Winnie, acts like a witch with manners - simply fab! Plus an addition of her cat, Wilbur who is also simply adorable.

One night, Wilbur hears a noise and goes to investigate. Waiting just outside, the cat flap in the door and saw a baby dragon. The baby dragon playully chases Wilbur around the house and straight to Winnie. So much for a good night sleep, Winnie charmed the kids with how she dealt with the baby dragon. Love the ABRACADABRA! part of her magic!

It is a good lesson to emphasize that witches sleep very late at night and sleep through the day. Nice way to teaching kids good bedtime habits.

Thinking of getting the series but then again having a second thought. Get this book from Amazon by clicking the link: Winnie's Midnight Dragon

We are now so tempted to get the entire collection. How's this for a start?

PLEASE Do advise us NOT to. ;)

Keep reading!

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