Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reading Chapter Book: The Phantom of The Opera

Our last chapter book for summer 2012: The Phantom of the Opera (A Stepping Stone Book) ! Tomorrow is back to school and our little lady is Year 2! We must admit that we missed reading chapter books  during the summer since we have lots of excuses really! New baby, new house, new job, new office, travel - we should have sneaked in one chapter book a week but we got too comfortable adjusting to the changes in our family lives. No valid excuse really..

Anyway, here is the how she understand the book, The Phantom of the Opera and right after this video, she watched a very good version of the play and here is the link: The Phantom of the Opera.

I know at the moment, this classic play is showing back home in the Philippines. Maybe we could watch the play once it's showing in this part of the world.

By the way, we got this awesome book from Dubai Mall during our Dubai travel. Let's see if these Stepping Stone books area available here in Doha. (and of course, we will let you know!)

Keep reading!

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