Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Jones The Grocer

We SOOO love the concept of Jones the Grocer at the Gate Mall. The food we tried, however, is not super extraordinary but it was very much great value. For QR40, we got some fresh sandwich, side dish (fries or salad) and organic and sugarless drink.

It is  perfect for a quick lunch with husband before the school run to pick up the kids!

The husband who became so spontaneous inviting me for lunch - one boring office day!

BLT plus fries, mine of course!

The healthier choice with salad dish is his! 
Our new office is really close by Jones The Grocer. We love the place, we love the food, we love the beautiful people, we love the mall, we love the location. Business lunch is bliss nowadays! Awesome!

Keep exploring!

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