Friday, September 7, 2012

Exploring Dubai from Doha!

We pretty much got too preoccupied with some minor and huge changes in our lifestyle in Doha and had less of  Exploring Doha for a while.

The Turknoy family decided to re-strategize our priorities. Actually, it was not about changing the strategy but taking our "Keep exploring" mantra to the next level... as it should be.

Finally, we went outside Doha as a family and enjoyed an affordable travel to Dubai. As it was offseason, right after Eid Al Fitr and end of summer season (almost!), we got a really affordable deal at Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort. We stayed in the magnificent hotel for 2 nights and it was such a glorious family experience! We enjoyed the Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers for free as we were staying at the hotel.

Just watch for the promotions from the hotel; to stay in such a luxurious place with superb customer service is a great treat. And to think that we stayed at the 'cheapest' possible room, the hotel add ons for all guests is just so amazing and affordable.

The kids definitely enjoyed exploring Atlantis. Our Kylie even signed in excitement several times while shouting - "this is really happening! this is not a dream."


We can see the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa from our hotel.

our room for our comfort! 

kids could spend hours in this aquaventure - water slides for kids, such great fun!
but then mom and dad needs to enjoy also - the rapids really made our day! kids were so brave holding on to their own! 

We had such a full day right after leaving Doha and yet we ended up staying late just for exploring the hotel.

For our second day, we even woke up early for some breakfast treat in our room, headed for an early swim and went to Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall for some great unexpected fun!

look who's ready for breakfast!

and look who's ready to dip in the pool! 

someone is really happy! 

gotta love the robe after the swim - cozy! 

exploring The Lost Chambers for the curious minds
We went to the Mall of Emirates for one specific reason - SKI DUBAI! We haven't see and experience snow and we were dying to get that experience, albeit fake. 

kids all set!
oh just look at them so cute - someday! haha

and explore we did!

DUBAI MALL Waterfalls - explored the supposedly biggest mall in the Middle East - it was HUGE alright!

a little bit of window shopping of things we want but can't afford! 

We were so lucky to have a local (er, localized?) tour guide in Dubai. She is my  high school classmate - we didn't meet for the past fifteen years and it was exploring and mommy-talking all the way. 

Ochay with our Turknoy family, posing outside Burj Khalifa  - thanks again classmate! 

our photo by Burj Al Arab - someday (again!) HAHAHA - we dream, we dream!

Our third and last day, we went for another swim around the hotel, checked out and head back again to Dubai Mall and waited for our scheduled viewing of Burj Khalifa - after all, it is the tallest tower in the world. So OFF WE WENT TO GO HIGH! Literally.. 
Oh the things we can see from top of the world!



Of course, we had to check out the books in Dubai and they had such an enormous selection we didn't want to go! How we wish they have such great selection of books in Doha like what we saw in Dubai. 


It was so short and sweet, a visit long overdue. We have been staying for more than five years in Doha and it was just right that we explore and travel outside the country. We need it and we deserve it. 

Here's to more happy travels with Turknoys! 

Keep exploring!

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  1. What a fun trip! Would love to have you link up to the Culture Swapper again!


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