Friday, July 6, 2012

Doha Event: Cirque De Soleil

We wanted to go watch the Cirque de Soleil and we did! The show was amazing if not spectacular. Sometime last year, we watched the Circus at the Souq Waqif and we were similarly impressed with the stunts.

We didn't book the tickets until the last minute so we were not able to  buy the tickets at Virgin. Luckily, one of our mum friends' nanny got sick (sorry!) so we were able to purchase two tickets from her. One mum's misfortune, another mum's fortune.

It was just two of us, me and Kylie and we had a fabulous time! A quality mum and daughter time ; except at the very end where crankiness got in the way. The show ended after 2 hours and 40 minutes including intermission and since we had the 8PM show, we ended up until 10:40pm.

The most wonderful thing that we noticed is the structure and organization of the show; people were calm, no pushing, no waiting which is really not so common in Doha. The show started at 8PM on the dot!  And we got good seats so it was really a fun show. The show was so audacious so compared to the normal circus, it was easy for us to take their courage and their capability and flexibility for granted.

Our little girl love the wonderful colors on stage and she said she will writing something about this grand show. Let's see what she writes.

Hope everyone in Doha who watched the show had a great time!

Keep exploring!

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