Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Doha Summer 2012

I just realized few hours ago that it's going to be August tomorrow! July has come and gone just like that! For our family, this month has been really productive. Exhausting at times, but very productive indeed and so far, we are really loving Doha Summer 2012!

We are staying in the country for the entire duration of the hottest period in the desert and we just made this the best summer ever for the family.

And this blog is just to highlight that summers in Doha could be very productive if we really want it to be! (BIG NOTE TO OURSELVES!)

Summer in Doha is very awesome! I would love to write all about this but my muscles are aching and the children are already deep in slumber and it's just pure happiness to be with them. And that is really the most awesome of all the blessings we have been receiving so far... Turknoys are all arms length away and we could almost always hug them anytime we want.

Thanks be to God for all the blessings. We are hoping that you are having a sizzling and fabulous summer like we are!

we are loving the heat! ;)

Keep exploring!

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