Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Activities: Doha Players

Who ever said summer in Doha is boring? They might be partly correct but not for our little Kylie enjoying the Doha Players summer activities. She calls it drama school! Obviously, our family loves drama a lot. It is my wish that my daughter thrives in drama as much as I did.

This summer activities is so worth it. She is very happy and always excited to go to drama school. She learns a lot and she gets encouraged to read lots of books as well.

Here are just few of the things that she learned for the past two weeks:

One Knight 


Helen of Troy 

Greece and goddess  (they also study about a specific country during the session " The World Around Us

The important thing is that she is enjoying a lot! That's what matters most. That and the bonus of some quite time at home. (Mommy kids a lot, ha!)

Keep exploring!

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