Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Iskender Kebab

If your are looking for an authentic Turkish restaurant in Doha, Iskender Kebab comes close - well, sort of.  When we dined out there, there was a Nepali waiter, Filipino cook and Lebanese Restaurant Manager, that's Doha for us and I suppose, it is okay.

The restaurant, however, has lots of old Ottoman pictures, which gives the "illusion" of authentic Turkish restaurant.

The food is almost Turkish, the Iskender Kebab is almost similar to the ones we tried back home in Istanbul, not as delectable, but good enough here in Doha!

Well, I have a happy Turk here, so it might be a little bit- authentic. Now writing about this, makes us what to go there again. It's located along Salwa Road Petrol Station, too far for comfort from where we live but in a not so busy day, it'll be worth the drive.

Yummy, Iskender Kebab in Doha!
a little too happy, are ya

and here is the free Turkish tea!
not as good as it was at home, but good enough!

Afiyet Olsun!

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