Friday, November 16, 2012

Doha Event: 2nd Dhow Festival at Katara

After ages of hibernating at home - comes the more tolerable temperature and off we went to see another Doha Event - the 2nd Dhow Festival at Katara. We have attended the first one and we definitely prefer that one. Although, this second exhibition is not that bad - there's free water everyone! Plus there are lots of lifeguard everywhere, however, the dhows are left unmanned. It is also very difficult to climb to the big dhows as it entails jumping off the stairs to the dhows, which has a high risk of falling off to the see - but hey, as I've said, there are lots of lifeguards everywhere, just no one to assist you to actually PREVENT you from falling off the see.

Well, sorry to be such a whiner but it was a real challenge with two kids and one baby in tow - not a really friendly place for family unless we are equipped with lots of nanny, which of course, we are not.

There are also more decorations and activities last year compared to that year, whatever happened to the preparation. I feel that the exhibition was conducted last in minute and they invite whoever is in the harbor that day. (A lot mean, but we really loved it last year!)

There is a taxi ride this year which we didn't see last year but we were not able to ride as well. As ranted, it was not really family friendly.

Was it worth a visit this weekend? Yes, of course, just take a little precaution and enjoy!

And off we go! 
we came around 4PM so there we not lots of people yet  
one of the dhows in the exhibition

Inside one of the boats!

posing by one of the big boats 

see the very unsafe gap from the stairs to dhow!

this is the best attraction in the dhow- very friendly staff as well!

Keep exploring!

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