Friday, November 9, 2012

Doha Breakfast: Bateel

We had breakfast in Bateel last Friday for lack of no other choice. We were up and about at 6AM as kids wake up early and of course, parents need to follow the kids lead. Whatever happened to lazy Friday mornings?

Well, we had seen this coming and we intend to enjoy this blessing of togetherness. Bliss requires lots of effort, that we know and experience.

Anyhow, we did enjoy Bateel as we were the only once there. It was as expensive as The Mango Tree and there's not much choice, only Arabic breakfast and American breakfast! We choose the latter and one is not enough - the kids fought for their 'eggs' and we ended up buying two! We did finish it and enjoyed the lavish (though not that tasty!) breakfast.

he was sooo hungry! 

the order is here so he can smile! But he has to carry the baby while he eats - a good hearted husband hahaha

not so found of fries for breakfast

here you go - American breakfast one serving - OILLLL galore

one order of pancake!

hotdog overload! 

another restaurant, another family photo! 

We are keeping our eyes open for more breakfast choices so we don't have to run out of choice and come back to Bateel again. On the second thought, it was not a bad experience. Just not too high value for money.

This Friday, remembering the cost of Bateel breakfast, we ended up staying in and the kids had eat-all-you-can eggs made by Mommy and they are happier.

Keep exploring!

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