Saturday, June 25, 2011

Qatar Cinema: Cars 2 Movie Review

So we were so excited with Cars 2 showing in Qatar Cinema. Of course, we watched it to see if it will meet our high expectations. It kinda did - but in a different way.

In the movie, star race, Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater travelled to scenic countries to compete in the World Grand Prix Race. Mater got involved in an intriguing adventure of his own - an international espionage, this then became the focus of the movie and not the race.

Well, we loved the James Bond 007 thing - us the parents! The kids - not so much!  I suppose the word "spy" for them is limited to I-spy games. But somehow Kylie was able to catch up and admire that purple girl spy who is into Tow Mater! The other focus of the movie, use of alternative fuel oil in cars, is also not picked up by the kids. However, it is an eye-opener for parents how alternative fuel could get so politically incorrect as perspectives can get manipulated by scientists, media and businessmen. - Heavy, I know!

Well, the lesson learned by the kids is that bestfriends stick with each other and they accept each other who ever they are - no need to change them, real best friends understand.

Kerim thought the movie was too long that he started to drag us out 30 minutes before movie ended. Oh boy!

I particularly liked that they paid a little tribute to Paul Newman - who voiced Doc Hudson - in the movie who died on September 26, 2008 after losing an ongoing cancer battle. Great thinking and great heart of the producers, I think!

The movie is really worth something for us, adults. The 3D adventure is a good lure for the kids. I suppose, I will make Kylie and Kerim watch this again when they are a bit older after giving brief background on espionage and alternative fuel. An interesting homework for me!

An important tip for Doha movie watchers: We didn't watch at the City Centre as we watched the movie on a Friday night (we're not that crazy!) We found a great movie house close home - at the Mall Cinema. Not that crowded and not a better cinema environment when watching with kids. (Telephone number  is 44678666 - I think they book seating through phone.

Cars 2 Movie schedule at The Mall Cinema - 2:30PM, 4:45PM, 7:00PM.

Relax, Go See a Cars 2 Movie.

Keep exploring!

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