Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Normal Turknoy Day

It's 2AM. I can't sleep - this is definitely abnormal for me compared to the past few months. It has been a perfect Friday today - waking up early to smiles, hugs and kisses of the kids. Husband made breakfast (also cleaned the bedroom after!), family took 4-hour nap after, got up, watched Kung Fu Panda 2, had coffee at Cafe Ceramque while the kids get creative with painting, window shopped and accidentally found pair of shoes to die for. Went home and tucked in the kids to sleep. And here I am now, wide awake.

Then I found the this blog, If you are going to be me tomorrow, and inspired me to write the same topic. Well, of course, I won't be able to articulate my thoughts as beautifully as Kirsty did but I will make me sleep, I hope.

If you are going to be tomorrow:

Well, you have to wake up really early , 4:30AM the latest. Chances are I didn't prepare kids lunch boxes last night and I need to cram to make them before 5:30AM when it's time for them to wake up.

In between making kids packed lunches, you have to access the office email and plan my work day.  There are deadlines and goals need to be accomplished for the day and getting emails done and over it early morning will give you ample time to "communicate" to people concerned to get your message across. This means driving to different locations in Doha in weather conducive to sickness to make real conversation with people.

A minute to access social networking sites as well to read and give positive vibes to people usually kicks off my day! A positive day as I envisioned myself for the next months (or forever all the time!) 

You don't need to worry about mornings, too much though. Charissa, my sister, helps out with preparing Kylie to school which gives you lots of time to prepare food. Husband normally takes care of Kerim.

On a busy day at the office, husband would volunteer to take BOTH the kids to school and nursery. This gives time to clean up the house after the whirlwind of preparation in the morning. When everyone left the house,  I have my 10-minute alone time usually spend singing praises to God for a wonderful day.

You have to leave the house before 6:30AM so that your day will not be ruined looking for a parking space. Remember to call the husband at 7AM to see if he had dropped off the kids safely. And then take time to miss them a little and remind yourself that you are working hard for the family. Family above all else but I love my job too.

My family gives the ultimate meaning to my existence; my work makes me appreciate my family more. It does not define who I am but it helps be define my purpose of being a parent. (well, that is my personal sentiment - but if you are going to be me for one day, that thought will help you through the day, especially on a normal "doha" work day.

Remember to maximize the output for eight hour work. Unlike before, staying late at work is no longer an option everyday. Kids need to be picked up, lessons need to be started. Dinner for the family needs to be prepared.

Remember that I am not a superwoman and has limitations. If it is a tiring day at the office, I have the right to eat out with the family and not do chores. But on a not so tiring day, chores need to be done, dinner needs to be prepared.

Reading to kids and with kids is an important part of the day and can't be missed.  It is a routine that I am trying to established in the family. Reading to the Turknoy is also a stress reliever.

A normal and important daily communication  with husband starts after tucking in the kids. The rewind of the day, the plan for tomorrow and the review of "where we are now versus where we want to be in five years time?" It is very important to get inspiration from each other, a check of commitment and priorities in life.

And then a great night sleep - all the family members snuggled in one bed.  Deep slumber embraced with lots of love. A blessed life.

Well, come to think of it - I don't want somebody else to be! I love being me - it's the best I could do! ;)

Have a great day!

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