Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Far Away from Home 2011

Another Christmas in Doha for this year. Blessed be!

To be quite honest, I adore celebrating Christmas in Doha, far away from our homes, with our family. It's quiet, stress-free, intimate and practical. Admittedly, a lot of Filipinos know for a fact that going home to Philippines during this season is very (very, very!) expensive.

Well, the OFWs are known to be the number one bread winner in families. But this season has the extra stress of providing gifts to everyone simply because - it's the season to the jolly! Ho ho ho!

Hey, I will go home to Philippines if I could this season. The holiday celebration is simply not the same compared to the simple celebration away from home. I will go and celebrate with extended families every five years or so. That maybe practical instead of once a year.

Besides, celebrating here makes me focus on the real story of Christmas. Just last night, Kylie is very interested  about Virgin Mary's role in Christmas, how does it feel to be born in the manger and lots of other questions. I intend to share her the story of Christmas and I definitely can't focus on the Christmas story with all the merriment of holidays back home, gift giving and catching up.

Tonight, we will be reading about Jesus miracles. Because Christmas is all about understanding Jesus's purpose here on Earth. It all started once fine day, called birth of Christ - Christmas!

Happy birthday, Jesus! We are grateful for your existence in our life!

And a blessed Merry Christmas to all!

Happy Holidays!

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