Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy Beaming with Pride

"If parents are not busy beaming with pride for their kids, we will be so very tired at all times."
   - Leng Demirkol

As our blog readers may have noticed, we have been on and off with our blog updates, we are so busy coping with life of two kids (plus one soon!) It's not easy to be both of us parents working full time, with no hired help to assist us with the chores. Not to mention the logistics challenge brought about by helping the extended family.

Yesterday is simply one of those days where being a mother is just about the wisest choice I've ever made in my life.

Kylie had a presentation in school. She sang with the rest of the Key Stage 1 students. In addition, she was selected to perform the closing number together with other students from both Year 1 and Year 2 coming from different sections.

It's not her first presentation but the bigger the crowd this little miss perform for, the higher the stress for me and thus, the busier I get beaming with pride. Here's the clip of the presentation from yesterday taken from my phone camera.

I love that she loves what she is doing. This might not be a best performance but she is proud of her being on the stage, and I am a super proud of her.

We went straight to work after the presentation and I got challenged having to concentrate at work while entertaining the little miss. She's a handful but a very welcome interruption from the normalcy of work.

After work, I picked up Kerim, went to do a quick grocery. Kerim shouted NANA! upon seeing a banana and then proceed to say .. ELO (yellow!)

I was teary eyed looking at the two kids growing and learning right before my eyes. Who has time to get tired when I am always busy beaming with pride!

I just love being a Mommy! And just when I was thinking this, they started fighting over some transformer toy and both shouted "MOMMY" to call my attention waiting for my verdict as to whose side I am with.

Arrghhh, music to my ears!

Life is good!

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