Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursdays!

Every second, every minute, everyday is an opportunity to be thankful! Thank you, God for all the wonderful blessings! To Your Kingdom be the Glory.

There are lots of things I am so grateful for our lives. My prayers always include sincere thanks to God and the wish to be worthy of all his blessings!

I am extremely grateful for:

RESPECT IN MARRIAGE - Above all else, of course, there is LOVE.  On top of that is the freedom to be what I AM and the freedom to say what I THINK and express how I FEEL. My husband is Turkish and a Muslim and the differences in our relationship is often highlighted more during this month of  Ramadan when he fasts and I don't (I couldn't even last one hour without nibbling something!) . I tend to be very vocal on what I feel about his fasting. His ears bled out of my "sermon" about the "real" value of fasting and he always listen to me. He listens, he expresses his views and do what he thinks is right. I have high respect for him; and I believe vice versa. Awesome!

QUALITY TIME! The kids have been with their grandparents for almost two weeks now and I have spent great quality time with myself alone, my husband, my sister and brother. It is always great to have a look at a different perspective in our lives. I was too close with my kids to realize some things. I couldn't have seen it that way with kids with me.

EXTENDED FAMILY. Turknoys are indeed not only a family of four. It extends way far from that both sides. It has its challenges of course, but it is getting MORE and MORE and MORE colorful every time.

COMMUNITY. Oh the communities we belong is awesome. Online and offline. At work and at play. We learn everyday. Collection of positive and motivated people.

SHORT OFFICE HOURS. Well, since it is the Holy Month of Ramadan, we get to work for only 6 hours a week and in a not-as-much work loads. What more could anyone ask for?

Truly we are so blessed.

What are you thankful for the past week? 

Very Very Grateful for Life,

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