Friday, October 14, 2011

Back in Doha But So NOT Back to Normal

Hello Blogging!

It seems like eons ago that this blog started with a post Turknoys are Now Back in Doha. It was our family's visit to Turkey and we were so inspired to tell the world how it went, hence, the blogging part.

Several months later, more than a hundred blog posts and three more visits to Turkey, the inspiration is still there but the effort from our side is very nil. Our blogging mojo has left the family. For quite some time only, we hope.

But that doesn't mean that we are the exploring anymore. Well, to be quite honest, we mainly stay home and be together, complete homework, rest and bum around. To our defense, summer heat is almost unbearable in Doha after experiencing a magnificent summer weather all over Turkey.

We are homesick, over-relaxed and lazy and to think that we were back from our Turkey vacation a month ago.

Well, at least this weekend, we went to Corniche with the kids and now we are back to our blogging while the Turk is busy whipping up something in the kitchen.

Back to normal? I suppose back to routine. But there are lots of changes in the family's attitude and style of living that we will explore in our next blog posts.

For the mean time, here we are shouting out: WE ARE BACK!

this is the only almost- decent family photo we got all dressed up

Keep exploring!

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